Friday, November 28, 2014

Born Pretty Studs and Stamping Plate!

Hiya guys!

A whole week! I know! :l November and December always kick my ass! If the holidays weren't enough to keep me busy there are a few birthdays and even a couple aniversaries thrown in for good measure. Everything and I mean everything in my family, happens in these 2 is insane! or we are, since we feel the need to do everything around this time of year! :P This year is especially bad, since I am also finishing up school. Anyway, a bit longer to bear with me guys! The new year should bring in not only a new career for me, but also some more free time for blogging and with that, onto today's post! Today I want to talk about a couple more Born Pretty Store items.


These 2mm-5mm circle studs  retail for $2.80 however currently they are on sale for $1.99 for 300. They come in a wheel, and each size is stored separately, so it is super easy to find whatever you are looking for! Also, they have flat backs so they are incredibly easy to place onto your nail!

Born-Pretty-Store-Nail Wheel

The other item from today's art is this stamping plate, however, Born Pretty made some changes to the plate since mine was sent to me, so I actually have the original version. Which is what I have pictured below.

Please ignore the polish smudge, I took these like a dope AFTER I used the plate :l and didn't see it, till I was uploading here :l Sorry!!

This plate is a really pretty plate with a wide array of images, from butterflies, to flowers, to cute adorable swirls! It has something for every occasion! This plate retails for just $2.99, however right now Born Pretty Store is having a Black Friday sale so it is only .99 cents! With free international shipping, plates at prices like these really can't be beat!




And of course this mani was just begging to become matte, so I had to oblige the polish gods and make it matte!


First things first! Yes, my nails are nubbins, even more than they were last week, and yes I changed my nail shape! If you have been around a while, or wandered over to my F.A.Q. section, then you are aware that I naturally have very, very thin nails. With all the work I put into them, they are a lot stronger and don't peel anymore, but the winter months in Canadaland is hard on them, and I could have fussed with them breaking at the corners and doing constant nail repairs, but honestly..."aint nobody got time for that" so, after much back and fourth on it, I just took the plunge and dove head first into round nails! I think they will end up a tad more almond shaped, and I don't think they will stay quite this short, still short tho! ;) but, I am, in fact loving the change! At least for the winter! I really hope, that you all love and embrace my round shorties as much as I have!! Shorties unite!! :D

To get this look, I started with a base of piCture pOlish LakoDom on my thumb (not shown) pointer, middle and pinky fingers, and Glam Polish Bewitched on my ring finger, once that was mostly dry, I added a coat of Model's Own Indian Ocean over the fingers that had LakoDom on them. Once that was dry, I took out Fab Ur Nails Fun Plate 03 and stamped on the wintry looking trees in Mundo De Unas Dark Grey, I then added some of the snow over the trees, using Rica Whiteout and a small nail art brush, I waited for that to dry, and then took Born Pretty Plate  07 and stamped on the snowflakes in Mundo De Unas White, and added the cute pearl studs from Born Pretty Store to the centres of each snowflake. I then top coated and voila!

I am honestly not sure which look I like better, the shiny, or the matte  version, they both are so stunning! While the shiny version sparkles, the matte looks more wintry, I guess if I had to pick, I would say shiny, since I just love it's sparkle! Which one do you like better!?

I just love the studs, they are so unique. Something about pearls, even fake ones, say classy to me. I think they compliment this look perfectly. They have a pearlescent glow to them as well, which you can see in the shot at the top of this post, the one of them loose in my light box. Sadly I couldn't get it to show on my nails when taking pictures (isn't that always the case!?) but I promise, it is still there in person, and it is gorgeous! The pearl studs have a flat back as I mentioned above, so they are incredibly easy to place, I simply took an orangewood stick and some top coat, and placed them on my nail. They had no issues whatsoever in placement. I also love that in the wheel comes a wide variety of sizes, everything from super small at 2mm (which is what I am wearing above) to 5mm with everything in between! The wide range makes this wheel very versatile for nail art!

The stamping plate is gorgeous, and although sadly the snowflake got omitted, it was for a good cause since the images previously were a tad small. The new plate features larger images, which is great, but unfortunately the pretty snowflake had to go! This plate comes wrapped in a blue film, which needs to be removed before use. The back has a paper backing which protects you from catching and cutting yourself on the edges. The plate itself is deeply engraved and stamped wonderfully! I had no trouble at all picking up any of the images. 

Now since the snowflake did get omitted, I do have another mani lined up, using an image that's still on the plate. I thought about putting it in this post, but this post is so long already that I decided to give those nails, their own space! I should have it up next week, with a full review and pictures for you all!  Until then, just know that I love this plate, and that it is so worth the normal $2.99 price tag! Don't forget that you can also get 10% off all your orders with Born Pretty Store by using my discount code AFLW10.

Alright guys and gals! I think that covers it for today! This was a lot for one post! If you made it this far, yay! You get a cookie for your efforts, cause there was some serious business reading today! :P I hope you all enjoy my first wintry nails of the season as much as I do! We got some more snow today, and this just perfect sums up the weather! If you are interested in purchasing the studs you can do so here and if you are looking to purchase the new stamping plate with larger images you can do that here Also, don't forget if you do some Born Pretty Shopping to use my discount code AFLW10. Till next time Kittens! <3

**Nail studs  and stamping plate were sent for review, however all opinions are my own.** To see more information please see my disclosure policy.

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