Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cirque Colors Sani Swatch with the illusion of Stamping!?

Heya guys!!

Today I have something that didn't come out quite as planned, I wouldn't go so far, as to call it a nail fail, but  it wasn't what I intended either!  I started this off, wanting to wear Cirque Colors Sani. It is a gorgeous silver holographic polish, that is also a silver foil.  It is part of the new Heritage Collection, and I love it almost as much as I loved Cerrillos. It has an almost oil spill like rainbow effect to it at some angles, and at others it is a in your face rainbow. It has a ton of depth, and I can certainly see myself wearing it over and over again.





As you can see, if you look really close, I attempted some stamping over Sani, however, the polish I picked, which is Mentality Polish: Deuce, was a bit to close in finish, and not quite dark enough to show up like I had hoped. It still looks really nice, a very almost not there subtle stamping effect, like you might have to look twice to see it, an illusion of stamping, if you will,  but I wasn't going for that when I started, so I might have to try this again, with a darker colour. I will also add here, that Mentality Deuce was not the problem. Deuce is actually from the stampers collection, and it stamps wonderfully, and is super opaque, I just picked the wrong colour as my base! 

Even though, this wasn't quite the look I was going for, I still really enjoy it, and I love, love, love Sani, so it still counts as a win in my book! I am pretty certain actually, that I am going to be head over heels for the entire Heritage Collection, cause I fall hard all over again every time I wear a new colour. If you are looking for a super unique Silver holo polish, this just might be it. I certainly don't own anything even close to Sani in my collection, the foil quality, makes it incredibly unique.

Alright guys and gals, I think that covers it for today. Have any of you, ever had a plan for nails when you start, and even though it doesn't work out, you end up loving it just the same??  Do you have a favourite from the Heritage Collection? Have you picked up Sani? Let me know in the comments! Till next time kittens! <3

Friday, April 25, 2014

KBShimmer Full Bloom Ahead to Wonderland!

Heya Guys!

Recently I re-watched Alice in Wonderland for the millionth time, and it was during that movie that this mani was inspired.   Anyone who has seen the movies previously, likely remembers these flowers.

When I was a kid, these were by far one of my favourite things in all of Wonderland, not that the broom dog, wasn't awesome too, cause well, broom dog, but I just loved the vibrant colours and unique shape, of these flowers, possibly the flowers being able to talk and sing, might have added to my interest in them. Either way, when I re-watched that movie, I couldn't help but think to myself, "How have I never done these flowers on my nails before!?"  





I am really proud of how these came out. They really remind me of the flowers from Alice in Wonderland that I loved so much as a kid. I paired these flowers with one of the new  KBShimmer spring shades Full Bloom Ahead, which is a gorgeous sister polish to KBShimmer Oh Splat!

 Full Bloom Ahead goes on smooth, and there is no fishing for glitters, although this is the norm when it comes to any KBShimmer shade, so I wasn't surprised it was a dream to work with. 

Now, for the flowers, this is where it gets a bit complicated since I used so many polishes. I started out with a base of Cult Nails Tempest, then once that was dry I painted the flowers onto the nail, using a nail art brush, and a dotting tool for the centre.  The dotted lines down the middle of each flower nail, was done in Picture Polish Chillax.  I will list the polishes  I used for the actual flowers below, since there were so many, I think trying to type them out here, would get a bit complicated. The first one, will be the outside darker colour, and the second will be the inside lighter colour. 

Polishes Used: 
                      Purple Flower - China Glaze - Grape Pop, China Glaze -Tart-y for the Party.
                      Blue Flower - Picture Polish  - Swagger, Julep Margaret
                      Red Flower - OPI  - Live.Love.Carnival, Picture Polish - Peaches n'Cream.
                      Orange Flower - Picture Polish - Totes,  Jessica Cosmetics - Banana Peel.

 Even though my freehand still needs some work, I feel I am learning a lot and getting better every day. Overall, despite it not being perfect, I really do love these and I am fairly certain I will be rocking these pretties for at least a few days.  Do movies ever inspire your nail art?  If so, what movies? Let me know in the comments! Till next time Kittens! <3

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

piCture pOlish Instinct with Some Totes Cute Chevrons!

Heya Guys!

This morning I have a simple, yet classic chevron look to show off. I am starting to think, it is my go-to choice in nail art, when I am feeling unsure about what I want to do, uninspired, or just  plain in the mood for a chevron! I feel like, you can never really go wrong with a chevron mani to be honest, and since I am still recovering from this horrible, icky, sinus infection, I went with something tried and true for me!





To get this look, I simply grabbed Instinct, which is the most recent Picture Polish collab shade with @ohmygoshpolish, It is a super pretty robins egg blue, that almost glows from within. I will admit, when I first got this polish,  I thought it was a glow in the dark polish, it is not. I misunderstood, it glows, but only under black light. I just wanted to share that, since I have heard a few people think it was also glow in the dark, anyway, I painted, my pointer, pinky, and thumb with Instinct. I  then paired it with another PP shade, I used Totes from the new Urban Shades Collection. Totes, is a warm yellow, almost orange polish, however when I paired it with the blue, it mostly just looked orange on me! It isn't quite as bright as my pictures show, but it did end up looking more orange then yellow, once I added the blue chevrons.  I painted my middle, and ring finger with Totes, then once that was dry, I grabbed some awesome sauce Nail Vinyls and painted over Totes, with Instinct. I then simply top coated with KBShimmer Clearly On Top, and voila! I had an easy peasy chevron mani!

I really love both of these shades, and although Instinct isn't entirely unique to my collection, it is a really gorgeous, easy to work with polish. Now, as for Totes, I am in love! It is a super easy to work with yellow/orange polish that went on the nail like butter AND it is super unique to my collection. I am still not even sure weather I should be calling it orange, or yellow! How about yelange?? No....yeah, that is pretty bad! sorry, I couldn't help myself :P Both polishes are worn with 2 coats, except the chevrons, that was 1 coat. Instinct honestly would have been okay at one coat on my other nails, I just did a second coat out of habit, it is a fairly opaque polish.

Alright guys and gals, I think that mostly covers it for one day! What is your go-to mani when you are stuck, or uninspired?  Let me know, in the comments! Till next time Kittens! <3

Monday, April 21, 2014

Colors By Llarowe: Bea Stings! for Easter!

Heya guys!

I really wanted to show you all what I threw together for Easter, this past weekend. I recycled  last week's mani  into a  cute, if unconventional, Easter mani. The reason I say unconventional, is because the colours, aren't your typical colours since they are a far cry from a pastel nail colours.





To get this look, I simply used Nail Vinyls, at the half moon section, and painted my nails in Bea Stings! by CBL. I honestly can't say enough good things about Bea Stings!, the colour is super rich, the holo is so intense, it almost looks like a rainbow flame on your nails. It is jaw dropping. It was a tad thick, but still super easy to work with. I honestly, have yet to meet a CBL polish that I don't love. It has very quickly become a favourite brand, and I can't seem to get my hands on enough of them. Once that was mostly dry, I took out the water decals, from Born Pretty Store, and placed them on the nail, then top coated with a quick dry top coat, and I was done!

Although this is not your typical colour scheme for an Easter mani, like I said before, I really love it. I think the different twist makes it stand out, and makes it a bit unique in a sea of Easter mani's. It was my way of celebrating since this year our household didn't do much for the holiday, flu's, a sinus infection (me), and a bout of pneumonia (my mother), kept everyone wanting to just relax and take it easy. I can say that finally we are both starting to feel like ourselves again and things should be back to normal in a few days, which I can honestly say we are both so ready for.

Alright guys and gals, I think that covers it for today. I really hope everyone had a great holiday, or if you don't celebrate, then a great Sunday. Till next time Kittens! <3

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cirque Colors Cerrillos Swatch and Review

Heya Guys,

Today I have a gorgeous,  holo awesome, polish. Ever since I saw the first images of the Cirque Heritage collection, I started drooling. I fell hard for the gorgeous colours, the super cool names, and the intense rainbows. When they became available, I bought 5 of the 7 polishes from the collection, without even hesitating. They arrived yesterday, and I barely waited 10 minutes to try out the one I had been lemming the most. Cirque Cerrillos.

This is a gorgeous, turquoise holo polish, with a super strong holo effect, but what makes it so stunning, is that it has turquoise glitters mixed into the polish, so it gives it a glowly effect, when indoors, and adds to the rainbow effect outdoors. I will admit it, I am completely smitten, and now after only wearing one, I know I absolutely need the last 2 in my collection.





My pictures, lean a bit more blue, then it is in real life, and the holo doesn't come out in my lightbox near as strong, as it is in real life, but isn't that always the case with holos. Soon, here in Canadaland it will be summer, so some outdoor shots, with sunshine will be possible. :D  Also, I am not sure why, but for some reason, every picture I took, made my skin lean a bit on the orange side, which I can assure you, does not hold true in real life. I am not sure why my camera, was going a bit crazy, perhaps the awesome of this polish was just to much to handle! :P

The application is great, for this polish, 2 easy, quick coats, top coat and I was done. The top coat also didn't dull the holo effect at all, which is always something of a huge plus when it comes to a holo polish.  If you are into holo's this entire collection is definitely something you should check out!

Alright guys and gals, I think that mostly covers it for one day. I also wanna say a quick sorry, for being quiet all week, I should have queued up my posts a bit better last week, so as not to leave you all with nothing this week.  Either way, I hope you all are having a good week! 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Glam Polish: Pixie Hollow Collection in a Skittles Mani

Hiya guys!

 A little while back, I picked up some of the polishes in the Glam Polish Pixie Hollow Collection. I am really in love with these polishes, more so then when I had only seen swatches online. I think one of the best things, is when you have super high expectations for a polish, and then when you finally get your hands on it, it not only meets them, it surpasses them. Well, every one of these polishes from the pixie hollow collection so far, has done that for me!






The bright colours in this mani, just makes me smile, every time I look at my nails! I am really big on colour, so these polishes almost feel like they were made for me! The silver shimmer in them, is just the icing on the cake, of  bright neon awesome!  The colours I used were, Silvermist (blue) Fawn (orange) Sweet Pea (pink) and Tinkerbell (green) and, I used dotting tools for the flowers on my accent finger, and thumb (which is not shown) and placed neon studs from Born Pretty Store in coordinating colours on all the other nails. Then I topped it off with HK Girl Top Coat, and voila! I was done! 

These all went on amazingly well, They are a tad thick, but nothing that isn't easy to work with, and with the heavy silver shimmer it is to be expected. They had a good dry time, and in all the pictures, it was 2 coats.  

I really adore how fun and bright and summery this look is, It may not be summer here yet, but it is coming, and polishes like these get me super excited for it! Alright, I think that is it for today guys and gals, I really hope everyone is having a great Friday, and I hope you all have an awesome weekend! Mine is filled with relaxing and movies and general lazy bum like behavior, since I am so ready for some down time, after the crazy few weeks I have had.  Till next time Kittens! < 3

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Colors By Llarowe Seahawks Lime Swatch, with some Free Handed Tips

Evening  Lovlies!

Yesterday, I finally got my hands on Colors By Llarowe Seahawks Lime. I honestly, have been lusting after this shade, and Orange Crush from the same collection, since I first saw them a couple months back, but had pretty much given up any and all hope to owning them, since they were a in 1 run Superbowl special, with two other colours, and  I didn't actually want these cause of football, I wanted them, cause of how gorgeous they looked! :P I honestly know nothing about football, I fail at all things football actually! lol

Well,  you guessed it! I got my little paws on that shade, and Orange Crush too, over the weekend, thanks to a restock, from Harlow and Co.  Well, they arrived yesterday afternoon, and I just couldn't wait any longer to put it on, and see if it was as gorgeous, as I thought it would be from pictures.




A bit blurry, trying to capture the holo, and didn't even come close! :P

Let me just start off with, yes, yes it is in fact just as stunning as I had hoped it would be! The holo, is super strong, even though my light box, dulled it significantly, I promise though, it is so in your face with rainbow awesome! It is like there is some mystical awesome magic in it, to make this polish beyond amazeballs, or perhaps Unicorn magic? I don't know, I just know, that every time I look at this on my nails, I get all giddy and excited and think perhaps magic dose in fact exist.

Now, let's talk formula, it was great. Like all CBL polishes, it is a tad on the thick side, but nothing that isn't manageable, and nothing that presents a problem in application. It went on super smooth, with no streaking or blad patches. It did take 3 coats for it to be opaque,  although, it was good at 2, but a lot of the times, what is good in person, normally leaves it looking a bit thin when you end up taking pictures, so I did a third coat to be sure. That was a first for me, since CBL polishes tend to be super opaque normally, but like I said, I would have only done 2 coats, if I wasn't planning on taking any pictures.

Now, let's talk about this, uhh art!? Not sure that is what I would call it, but I am proud of it anyway! Here's why, see, I don't freehand very often, almost never at all really, but one of my New Years resolutions, was to expand my art skills, work on things in  my nail art, that need work, and that is where this comes in. I free handed those tips, and I know it isn't much, I know that tons of you, would say!? That's all, that is what you are so proud of!? I know, I know! It may not be a big deal to some of you, but to me, having free handed tips, like this, just shows me, how far I have come, since, just a year ago, I couldn't even stay painting inside the lines, or in this case, nails. So, even if it isn't much to any of you, it is a pretty big deal to me! By the way, since I haven't stated it yet, I used Glam Polish, Look at Me I'm Sandra Dee. The studs are from Born Pretty Store.

Alright guys and gals, I think that covers it for today, I know, I have for sure rambled enough for one post! I hope you all are enjoying your week so far. Do any of you get super proud over small nail art things like this? Does it ever shock you when you think about how far you have come?? Let me know in the comments! Till next time Kittens! < 3

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

KBShimmer Make My Gray Swatch, with a bit of MoYou Stamping.

Heya Guys,

We have been having a lot of rainy April days around here lately, so when I received KBShimmer Make My Gray in the mail, last week, I knew it had to go on my nails, the second I had some free time. Well, I found some free time today, so here is what I came up with for wearing Make My Gray.





Make My Gray, is a soft,  gray crelly, with adorable coral,  pale aqua, and gunmetal gray glitters.  It is such a unique combination, and I think that is why I love it so much. Also, it really does remind you of a rainy spring day.  I paired this with OPI Live.Love.Carnival on my pointer, and OPI Can't find MY Czechbook on my pinky. I then stamped with Cult Nails Tempest, using a MoYou plate, can't remember which one. It was a Pro plate, but the number escapes me at the moment, sorry.. :l

I like, that this is soft for spring, but that the, coral and aqua blue shades give it a bit of a bright factor, they also really make the glitters in Make My Gray pop! Make My Gray, like any other KBShimmer shade I have ever tried, went on beautifully. The glitters came out of the bottle without any fishing, and the polish was super easy to work with on the nail. If you are looking for a super unique spring shade, then I highly suggest considering picking this one up.

Alright, guys and gals, I think that is pretty much it for today, or I guess this evening  since it is well after dinner time. Oh! before I sign off here, I will give a brief update on the nail room project. If you follow me on instagram you know that, I have made a few "nail room" posts, so you have seen a bit of how it is coming along, but just to let you all know, I sh tould be done by the weekend. I just wanna pick up a couple more things of furniture to fill out the room, and I will be done! I am using the room already though, and I will just say, I love it! I love everything about it, it is like my little sanctuary! As soon as I get the last little touches, I will be sure to put up a post, and share it with you all! Alright that's all for now, till next time Kittens! < 3

Saturday, April 5, 2014

OPI Chillin' Like A Villain with some Water Decals

Hi Guys!!

Happy Saturday! I have been hard at work all week, trying to get my nail room in order, it is coming along amazingly well, and I can't wait to finish it up this week, and finally be able to start using it!

Even though, I have been busy, to the point of insanity :( I did manage to get a little nail art done! I somewhat, cheated though, and used water decals, from Born Pretty Store . I have to say, this was my first time using these, and I loved them. They are super easy to use, and they are incredibly cute on! Between that, and their incredibly affordable price point, I can say with certainty, that I will be using these again.





I really love how theses came out, especially since, it was so easy, and fast to achieve. The base on my pointer, middle, and ring finger is OPI Chillin' Like A Villain, from the new soft shades collection this year. A note about this polish,  I do love it, and I think that this shade is gorgeous, especially on my skin tone, but I was not super happy that it took 4 coats to reach opacity. It isn't a deal breaker for me, but I know it would be for some people, so I thought I would note that here. My pinky  is Zoya Cosmo, and seriously, be still my heart! I am in love! I only got  this one,  from this trio, cause I wasn't sure I would love the finish, after hearing mixed reviews, but I am in love, deeply, madly, truly! :P and I know I need the other two in my life now!

Alright, guys and gals! I think that covers it all for today, I hope everyone has a good weekend, mine is going to be busy, but, it will mostly be working on my nail room, and hopefully finishing it up, so I can't really complain to much. I can't wait to show you all, the finished product, which will hopefully, fingers crossed, be by the end of next week! Alright, till next time Kittens! < 3