Monday, April 21, 2014

Colors By Llarowe: Bea Stings! for Easter!

Heya guys!

I really wanted to show you all what I threw together for Easter, this past weekend. I recycled  last week's mani  into a  cute, if unconventional, Easter mani. The reason I say unconventional, is because the colours, aren't your typical colours since they are a far cry from a pastel nail colours.





To get this look, I simply used Nail Vinyls, at the half moon section, and painted my nails in Bea Stings! by CBL. I honestly can't say enough good things about Bea Stings!, the colour is super rich, the holo is so intense, it almost looks like a rainbow flame on your nails. It is jaw dropping. It was a tad thick, but still super easy to work with. I honestly, have yet to meet a CBL polish that I don't love. It has very quickly become a favourite brand, and I can't seem to get my hands on enough of them. Once that was mostly dry, I took out the water decals, from Born Pretty Store, and placed them on the nail, then top coated with a quick dry top coat, and I was done!

Although this is not your typical colour scheme for an Easter mani, like I said before, I really love it. I think the different twist makes it stand out, and makes it a bit unique in a sea of Easter mani's. It was my way of celebrating since this year our household didn't do much for the holiday, flu's, a sinus infection (me), and a bout of pneumonia (my mother), kept everyone wanting to just relax and take it easy. I can say that finally we are both starting to feel like ourselves again and things should be back to normal in a few days, which I can honestly say we are both so ready for.

Alright guys and gals, I think that covers it for today. I really hope everyone had a great holiday, or if you don't celebrate, then a great Sunday. Till next time Kittens! <3

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