About Me

I am a 28 year old Canadian girl, who can sometimes be called scattered, but I think it just keep things in my life interesting.  I currently am going to school to become a certified Nail Technician, but would also love to someday  live through a lens, since I find something so moving about photography. 

 I have 2 dogs, who I adore to an almost ridiculous degree, and  are likely to sneak their way into this blog once in a while, kinda like they did on this page here! Seriously though, who couldn't love these faces!?  I mean doesn't your heart just melt at the sight??? Okay, maybe that is just me. 

To the right, is Loki, he is the baby of the two, and the biggest mama's boy you will ever meet!! I am not ashamed to say I made him that way! :P

This  is Desi.  Desi is a rescue dog, and has some issues, but can be the sweetest puppy, plus who couldn't love that face!?

Anyway, enough puppies! Back to me...

 Some of my other addictions  interests include gaming, mostly computer games, more specifically MMO's like Diablo, and EQ2. I also love  Nintendo 3DS games, Animal Crossing anyone!? Aside from dorking out with video games, I  enjoy photography, animals, baking, and reading. I will read almost anything at least once, although fantasy is my preference.

I also ask that if you do use my photos, that you do not edit, or change in any way, and  to please link back to me. It is just rude to take someones things without giving proper credit. Thanks!

I think that covers the basics and if I missed anything, or you have questions, comments, or  requests, feel free to email me at LilMiissSinshine@gmail.com.