Thursday, August 4, 2016

Gehwol Mother of Pearl Foot and Leg Scrub Review

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Long time no see! I have been keeping up pretty frequently on Instagram so if you aren't following me, you really should!  I have really missed it around here, and thought for my first post in a little bit, I would show off Gehwol Mother of Pearl  foot and leg scrub. that the amazing people at Nail Polish Canada sent me to review for you guys!

Alright, let's just dive right in!

This comes packaged in a nice sturdy box, that is simple, yet still seems to have a feel of elegance about it. The box was really easy to open, and inside was a small paper in it showing off some other Gehwol products, and what they are good for. I found the paper to be super informative, since it had a list on it and showed off what each product will help best with. 

Once out of the box, it is in a clean, but again still elegant container. I love the small added detail of the silver rings around the top, it gives it a bit of pretty, without being to distracting. The container, is a solid container that seals well so you don't have to worry about the scrub drying out over time.

Upon opening, you can see that this is a fairly course scrub. It is thick, and you can see the wax beads and fine sugar that make up the scrubbing power in it, these are what will scrub away dead skin, and rough spots on your legs and feet. 

I decided to try this scrub out, with my mom. Normally, I would  use this in the shower, or before I showered, since it is a scrub, but since I wanted to be able to show this off for you guys, I decided to use my foot tub. 

As you can see above, lifting it out of the container, it has a really nice consistency for a scrub. As a side note, when I lifted it out, I noticed it had a faint scent, nothing strong or over powering. Almost a clean, slightly, and I mean very slightly, floral-ish scent to it. It mostly reminded me of laundry, it had a very yummy clean laundry scent, does that even make sense!? Either way, it is perfect for a scrub! In my opinion.

The directions for the scrub were to wet the skin, then gently massage into the legs and feet. Rinse well, then to follow with a moisturizer.  I soaked my feet in the foot bath, for a few minutes to make sure they were good and hydrated, then I grabbed a small amount, and rubbed into my feet and legs.

As you can see, it is a nice scrub, that lathers well. A little goes a long way here, so you don't need much of the product, I used about a quarter size for each foot. I noticed right away, that the scrub was very soothing. The scrubbing power is good, without being to abrasive for the skin, and it really had a clean refreshed feel while using it. I proceeded to scrub it all in good, and rinsed my legs and feet off well.

The first thing I noticed after rinsing and drying my feet off, where how soft they were. I tend to have some dry spots on my feet, that seem to never go away no matter how much I lotion them, and I noticed right away they were super soft, and felt nicer than they have in forever. I was super impressed by this, I could really feel a huge difference in my skin, even after only one use.  I hadn't even put any lotion on yet, and it almost felt as if they already had been moisturized. I can only imagine how nice my feet will feel after using this regularly for a little bit. Once I added some foot lotion, it became even more apparent how nice and luxurious this scrub is. It really does everything that it says it will, it removed rough patches, and leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft and gorgeous.

Overall, I was super impressed with this product and would certainly recommend this everyone! I really hope, that you all found this review helpful, and if you are having any kind of issues with your feet, rough patches, dry skin, or simply want to pamper yourself a bit, you should definitely try out this scrub! Yours toes will thank you for it! You can purchase the Gehwol Mother of Pearl foot and leg Scrub here  It retails for 29.99 on the Nail Polish Canada website, you can also  purchase a full range of other Gehwol products here Nail Polish Canada has a huge selection to fit all kinds of needs.

*Foot scrub was sent for review, however all opinions are my own.** To see more information please see my disclosure policy.

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