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These are some of my favourite places to shop. This used to be part of my F.A.Q. section, but I found it getting to be such a big list, that I decided it should really have a page of it's own. So here yah go, a list of my most frequented online shopping sites.

Born Pretty Store - They have a huge assortment of nail art, from dotting tools, to holo polish, to fimo pieces, to studs. The prices are amazing, and the shipping is free! The only downside is sometimes they get backed up and shipping can take up to a month.

Winstonia - A great place to find stamping tools, and various random bits and bobs for nail art. They also sell their own brand of stamping plates, which are great quality.

- I know, I am from Canada and I shop on!? tends to have horrible selection when it comes to nail art, and the prices are normally through the roof. I always check first since some things I can get there, but the majority of my random purchases come from  Just be careful of high shipping costs, and don't get to excited till you are sure they will ship to Canada!

Ebay - This is like Amazon, in that I normally end up on instead of Most of the same applies as with amazon, although I tend to have better luck with finds here then on Amazon.

AliExpress  -  This site is much like eBay and Amazon in that it has sellers, and there are some really amazing finds.  It has a huge selection of nail art items, and most buyers I have bought from have free shipping.

Dollar Nail Art - This place is great for nail accessories, like studs, and the like, just be careful cause they don't have free shipping and if you aren't  careful it can get quite costly.

Nail Polish Canada -This was the first place I purchased polish from. It isan awesome online shop, and being a Canadian company makes it even better. They have a wide selection of polishes, from mainstream to indie brands, plus free shipping in Canada for any purchase over $25.

Harlow and Co. - A Canadian based company that sells indie polishes and some nail art supplies. The shipping is free over $50 in Canada, which is a bit high, but when it comes to indie polish it is easy to reach that mark! The  customer service is great, and the shipping is incredibly fast.

Llarowe - A U.S. based stockist like Harlow. They carry a huge assortment of awesome indie polishes. In Canada, the free shipping is high at $100, but you do get points earned when you make purchases that add up incredibly fast, and that can be used on future purchases as a discount.

 - Another U.S. based stockist, that carries a great amount of indie and some main stream polishes. They don't have free shipping or a reward system, but the shipping is fast, and the customer service is great.

Aveyou Beauty  - I will admit I don't shop here often, since shipping to Canada is on the pricey side at $15, but this place can be great for HTF mainstream polishes, so if there is something that is discontinued or limited release that you just can't stop lusting after, this is a good place to look.

365 Nail Art - I have ordered from here a few times, they have some great finds at amazing prices. The only thing to note is, shipping to Canada is not free, it is $8.99, but all my Canadian peeps out there are pretty much used to that! Also, they sometimes take a looong time to ship, sometimes a couple weeks after you place your order, but as long as you don't mind wait times on shipping, some of the prices can't be beat! Also they sometimes get stock of some VHTF and HTF polishes!! :D

MoYou London - My addiction to all things MoYou London is very obvious on this blog. I use my MoYou plates more than any other brand, and I have very little self control when it comes to new releases.  I buy most of my plates directly from their site, although I have purchased a few from their Amazon store. The shipping is fast and although some people have had issues with their customer service, I have found the exact opposite, any time I have had to reach out to them, they have been extremely prompt and courteous.

Messy Mansion - A great palce to get super original awesome stamping plates. They carry their own line the MM plates, as well as Lily Anna plates and Emily De Molly plates.

Vivid Lacquer - Another place to get really, incredibly unique stamping plates. There are some here that just aren't anywhere else. They also sell polishes too!

Bundle Monster -  They sell BM plates, and nail art accessories. They also have nail polish, however you have to be in the U.S. to purchase the polish. I try to wait out the BM plate releases for places where I can get free shipping, but sometimes their deals win, and I end up getting stuff directly from the BM site.

My Online Shop - This is a great place to buy MJ and JR plates, which I have recently become a huge, huge fan of. They have some incredibly original designs, and the quality of the plates are amazing.

Nail Vinyls - This is a great place to get all your tape manicure needs! I used to attempt the scotch tape and pinking shears method of chevron nails before I found these, and let me tell you, no comparison, these are worth every penny! Plus 75 cent shipping for international orders!

What's Up Nails - I recently made my first purchase here, and I am in love. Not only was the shipping incredibly fast, less then a week for international shipping. They also have great quality nail vinyls at awesomely cheap prices.

Mundo De Unas - A Mexican based company, that sells amazing stamping polish. The shipping can be a bit pricey, but it isn't so bad when you think about how cheap each polish is, and that it stamps better then Konad Special polish. Shipping takes a little bit, but I promise you, it is worth the wait!

I will add to this list as I find new places that I love. Also,  If you know of any awesome sauce places to shop, let me know! I am always on the lookout for good nail art finds!

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