Monday, September 23, 2013

Cirque Vesuvius: Swatch and Review: With a Bit Of Nail Art Mixed In

Heya Guys!!

A full week again!! I have had a lot of real life drama lately, which has been keeping me pretty busy :l It sucks, and a poor excuse I know! however, it should be all dealt with, in the next couple of weeks, and I promise to not go more then 1 week without posting...

I will keep it short again today, since I (what a shock) don't have a ton of time. I recently have been delving into holos.  Up until recently, I found them to be a once in a blue moon polish for me. The annoyance of how difficult they are to apply, paired with the fact that they chip within a day or two, had me mostly shying away from anything holo. This all recently changed however, when I discovered that Cirque holo's are pretty much magic awesome sauce in a bottle. Today's post features that awesome sauce polish, called Vesuvius.

At the moment, I only have the 1 holo from Cirque, but I am certainly planning on picking up a few more. These not only applied amazing, none of the normal holo nightmares, but they lasted as well! I ended up taking it off on day 3, and at that time, still no chips, and next to no tip wear! I would say a win in my books!

Alright enough chatting about this, time for you see how gorgeous this polish is!!

The holo effect is amazingly strong.

All these images were under artificial lighting, in my light box! (little yay! for new lightbox!) I actually didn't manage to get any decent sunlight pictures. It has been super cloudy and rainy for over a week, so every image I took turned out "meh" at best. As you can see though, that doesn't seem to dampen this polish at all, (like my pun there!?) It has an incredibly strong holo effect, even under indoor lighting, which was yet another reason I was so impressed by it.  

As a side note, the waterfall nail, which was inspired by the amazing, wonderful talent that is The Nailasaurus   was actually pretty easy to do! I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make straight enough lines, but it turned out pretty decent! For my waterfall lines I used Essie - Play Date for the purple. Essie - No Place like Chrome for the silver and Cirque - Vesuvius for the holo pink. The base is Zoya - Micky.  

Alright, I think that is all for today guys! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends, mine was...hectic! Till next time kittens!! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

OPI Haven't the Foggiest with OPI Black Onyx Halfmoons

Hey Guys!

It's been a whole week! Wow, how did that happen!? To make it worse, I have had this mostly ready to go  for a few days, but with work, and some real life stuff getting in the way.  I haven't had a chance to post it. I actually, don't even have time today, since I should be getting ready for work, but this sounded like more fun anyway. Plus, I refuse to go more then a week without posting, I know the 4 people who read this look forward to my posts! haha..

Okay, since I am short on time,  I will get right to the pictures, my last few posts have been to wordy anyway. :P I wore this a few days back.  Simply put, I loved it. Which was weird, cause as it was coming together on my nails, I didn't, not at all. It even, almost, got taken off before I finished a couple times. I am really glad I didn't give into the urge though, cause it came out awesome.

Alright, time to judge for yourselves, not too harshly though!!



Indoor shot.


This was a bit of a learning experience. I am not sure if it was just me, or if black is notoriously hard to photograph, but I had a lot of trouble getting the images to come out clear and concise, and not having the black blend into other things, shadows, the bottle handle, etc..I will keep working on it though!

Speaking of photo's, I have now,  finally!! built a light box, (yay!!) so that should help tremendously in the quality of my photo's.  This is all a huge learning process, that is for sure! I feel like, I am improving though, week after week, learning my craft, and not sucking quite as much as the previous week! Maybe, one day I will have pictures I don't find a ton of flaws in! 

A little something to note before I finish off this post. I adore Haven't the Foggiest. It goes on like a total dream. I had read previously about how nice this polish applies, but it was even better then I expected. No brush strokes, smooth, not to thick. It was a-maz-zing!  I have been mostly meh about the mainstream fall collections, but this shade has won my heart. If you haven't gotten yet, I highly encourage you to pick it up.

Anyway, I hope everyone had an awesome weekend. I had to work, but only on the Saturday, so it was still a pretty decent weekend. Till next time kittens <3

Monday, September 9, 2013

KShimmer: Teal Another Tail Swatches and Review

Hey Guys,

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I had the entire weekend off from work, for the first time in, oh my gosh! 6 months maybe!?  I spent the weekend relaxing, catching up on some house work, and of course, a little nail art!! :P It was great, and I  am so glad, that the slower season is here with work, so that weekends off, won't be so rare!

Today I have a polish from the KBShimmer fall collection, Teal Another Tail to be exact.  I absolutely adore this colour. Not only is it  a gorgeous gorgeous, almost emerald green, but it also has  a stunning purple shimmer, throughout it.  I was just mesmerized, by how pretty this colour is, the whole time I had it on.  I was constantly moving my hands to catch it in the light, and being awed every single time. The only downside, was how distracting this polish was to have on my nails. 

If you have been on the fence about this polish, or any of the polishes, from the KBShimmer fall collection. I highly, highly recommend picking some, or all of them up. Every single polish is, simply put, amazing. I got the whole collection, and will be showing it off  in the coming weeks.  As a fun fact, this was actually my first entire collection purchase. I am pretty new to nail polish, as I have mentioned before, and have always  just picked up the polishes from collections that I consider to be "must haves".  When I started seeing images of the KBShimmer fall collection, I simply couldn't seem to pick any favourites out. I kept trying to only pick out a few, but couldn't seem to settle on which ones were my "must haves" so eventually, I caved and got the entire thing. In the end, I am really glad I did, cause like I said before they are all simply stunning. The application  of this was of course, awesome. I don't think I have come across a difficult KBShimmer yet.  

Alright, now that I have been a total cheerleader for this collection, it is time to finally show it off, so you all can see why I am totally enamored with it!

The accent nail is OPI - My Vampire is Buff for the base , then Essie - Play Date,  Zoya - Shawn, and KBShimmer - Teal Another tail for the dots.

I had to show off my thumb, since it adds to the look.

I just love the purple shimmer.

And here is the entire collection, just in case you  haven't seen it.

R to L: Turbulence, You Autumn Know, You Go Ghoul, Vicious Circles,  Every Nook & Cranberry,  Teal Another Tail, Excuse me, I Blurped.

I know, I know a bit picture heavy, I seem to be saying that a lot! I don't mean to be spamming with pictures week after week! I just had so much  fun taking pictures that I got a bit carried away, plus I have been working on some of my photography skills, lighting and colour accuracy, that I just couldn't help myself! I really think I have some solid improvements here, and I wanted to show that off a bit!  Still a ways to go yet, but getting there at least!  You also likely noticed I have added a watermark to my photos. I thought it a good idea to start branding them. I tried a few different colours and styles here, and haven't settled on anything yet, but will soon I am sure. 

Okay guys, I think that pretty much covers it. I hope you enjoy the images, as much as I enjoyed taking them! Till next time Kittens!!

P.S. **Incoming shamless plug for myself!!**  I recently got a Instagram, and Pintrest account and have added follow buttons at the top of the blog. If you feel so inclined, feel free to follow me there :D

Friday, September 6, 2013

Dotticure: Essie - Butler Please with Zoya - Pippa.

Evening Guys!

I have a few things to cover in this post, so it will be a bit picture heavy. I will keep the words short tonight because of that. First, I wanted to say Happy September!! I have been anxiously awaiting fall, not only for fall colours, although being able to pull out some darker and vampier shades is  nice too, but also because I miss some of my favourite fall foods, like just can't eat stew in the summer!!

For my first fall post, I decided on a gorgeous cobalt blue, with some bright cheery yellow dots down my nail in a line. I used Essie's Butler Please, for the base, and Zoya - Pippa for the dots. I have had the Essie polish in my collection for a while now, but it had been sitting in my untrieds. I really, really love how this turned out. It was simple, but bright and fun at the same time.

I might have a new fall fav blue!!

So there you have it! I am not sure why some of the images, almost looked like the polish was dull, let me assure you, that blue is anything but dull. Perhaps my camera didn't like the brightness!?? Not sure..Some even almost look almost marked, but again that was not there, in person. I am still working on my nail picture  skills, so bear with me. I will get it eventually...I hope!? :P

 The formula on Butler Please was a bit finicky to work with, but nothing nightmarish, like I was fearing, after reading some reviews on other blogs. Which is good, cause I fell in love with this blue the second it went on my hands and will certainly be using this polish again. Overall, this is perfect if you want something adorable, but don't have a lot of free time on your hands. 

Okay, now onto the second part of my post. This has nothing at all, to do with nails. I just wanted to share it with you guys. I had a somewhat, stressful, crummy few days this week, and the boyfriend, being the amazing, wonderful, awesome guy that he is, sent me flowers! Sunflowers to be exact. Since sunflowers are one of my favourite flowers. I couldn't help snapping a few pictures of them with my good camera when this awesome surprise showed up on my doorstep, and of course sharing it with all of you.

Best boyfriend ever award!??

I am not even sure what these are!?? They are really pretty though...

Snap Dragons!

The whole bouquet.

Aren't they just gorgeous!! Every time I walk into my living room, I smile like a huge goofball at them. They really made my whole week better. He is simply amazing, and always knows how to cheer me up.

Well, I think that covers everything I wanted to share, and sorry for the flower spam. I just couldn't not share those gorgeous flowers with you. Till next time Kittens!