Thursday, September 18, 2014

KBShimmer Rust No One and Colors By Llarowe Orange Crush Comparison.

Heya Guys!!

I have a bit of a different post today. Recently I bought KBShimmer Rust No One, which is a gorgeous, red leaning orange holo, that is just perfect for fall. It arrived today, and upon unpacking it I noticed that it reminded me of something I already have. I searched my helmer and pulled out Colors By Llarowe Orange Crush, and sure enough the bottle shots made me wonder how close these two really you get a comparison post today!


As you can see, the bottle shots make them look pretty close, but how close are they really??  Read on to find out!

My pointer and ring are KBShimmer Rust No One, and my middle and pinky are Colors By Llarowe Orange Crush. I did 2 coats of both polishes, and a top coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top.




As you can see, NOT dupes, although  they are really close. I would definitely say sister polishes for sure! KBShimmer Rust No One leans a bit more red then Orange Crush does, and in most lighting you can tell the difference between the two, however, under dim lighting I wasn't really able tell so they are certainly close. Both polishes applied amazingly well, KBShimmer Rust No One is a tad more thick then CBL Orange Crush, but both are really easy to work with.  The holo on both is almost exactly the same in strength and look, neither washes out in the shade, and both make a bright, but not overly strong rainbow in the sun.

So, now the question is, do you need both!? The polish addict in me says yes since they aren't dupes, but they are pretty close, and Orange Crush was a limited release Super Bowl polish, so it might be hard to track down. I would say if you missed out on that, Rust No One is a great substitute and a good way to squash that CBL lemming if you have been lusting after it. Both are great polishes, and honestly I am glad both are in my collection!

Alright guys and gals I think that covers it for today. I know this isn't a normal post for me, but I really hope you guys liked it. I actually had a lot of fun doing this, so perhaps if this is received well I will do some more posts like this! Till next time Kittens! <3

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