Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Zoya Tilda makes Great Candy Halloween Nails!

Evening Guys!

I took a mini break from the Bundle Monster Nail Art Contest, cause over the weekend, I got a bit of a flu bug. :l Needless to say holidays, Nail art contest and flu bugs..don't mix! lol I am not 100% yet, but getting there, so I am jumping right back in at Day 15! The prompt was Trick or Treat!




I went with candy!!! Cause well, candy! :P To get this look I started with a base of Zoya Tilda on all my fingers. Once that was dry I took a sponge and using Tilda and OPI Do You Have This Color in Stock-Holm?  Did a gradient on my pointer and pinky fingers. While that was drying I stamped over my middle and ring fingers with MJ Plate III in Mundo De Unas Purple 14, and took my smallest dotting tool and filled in the centre of each circle with OPI Can't aFjord Not To. I then stamped over my pointer and pinky with Bundle Monster Plate BM-002 in Mundo De Unas 53 Geranium. I then top coated everything with KBShimmer Clearly on Top!

I really love how this came out. I was worried when I first came up with the idea, that it wouldn't look Halloween enough, but I really think the colour scheme keeps it looking very much in spirit of Halloween!

Even with my flu bug I am having so much fun with this contest! I have always shied away from things like this, worrying that I would get burned out or that it would be more work than fun for me,  I will admit I haven't done all the days, but I am still loving the prompts and having fun bringing them to life! Alright guys and gals, I think that covers it for today. Tomorrow's prompt is Witches, and I am pretty excited!! Till next time Kittens! <3

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