Monday, August 5, 2013

Nail Art: Fan Brush Technique and Dotted Thumb with KBShimmer What's Your Damage Accent.

Hey guys! or more accurate, the 2 people who I make look at this!

For my second post,  I decided to pull a picture out of my banner, since that image doesn't  do it nearly enough justice. I also  wanted something a bit more vibrant and colourful. Nails that express me a bit better, and this manicure was practically screaming my name. While I do love understated and simple. Most of the time, I am a very loud, colourful type of person.

 Now, I am still very much a newborn when it comes to nail art, so this wasn't perfect by any means, but overall, I was very happy with how well it turned out. Since other than the dots on my thumb, it was my very first time trying the fan brush technique.  I loved it so much in fact, that I wore it for about 4-5 days before taking it off. Alright, enough explaining it, time to show it off!

Not perfect, but I still adore it!!

Blurry image fail, but I still adore it!!

Random bottle image of  KBShimmer - What's your damage..which by the way, I love love love!

So there you have it!! Some of the images aren't the greatest, but a lot of these were taken as quick pictures to show a couple of people. I promise, that the image quality will improve!!  I just adored this manicure so much, that I felt I simply had to share it. Failboat images and all!

One thing I wanted to also mention quick, was how amazing What's Your Damage truly is, not only is it a gorgeous unique polish, but the formula is amazing. It goes on like a total dream and no fishing for the larger glitter pieces at all. I do however stand my bottle upside down before application to ensure the larger glitters aren't sunk to the bottom, but still no fishing!! 

I think that pretty much covers it. As an added bonus, the polishes I am wearing in the random KBShimmer bottle picture, are  Essie - Tart Deco and China Glaze - Highlight of My Summer. I was actually so excited when What's Your Damage arrived in the mail, that I pulled  it out and snapped a picture and proceeded to send it too way to many people in my contact list!  Anyway, till next time kittens!

The polishes I used were:
                                           Index and middle - KBShimmer - What's your Damage
                                           Ring,  pinky and thumb  - KBShimmer -  Don't Pink Twice                                                                                and China Glaze - Highlight of My Summer.

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