Monday, August 12, 2013

Nailart: Rainbow Galaxy Gradient with China Glaze Fairy Dust.

Hello All!

I have decided I am in love with Essie - Tart Deco,  yup, totally and completely, hopelessly in love with it. Every time I decide to do my nails,  that polish always seems to end up in my hand. Sometimes it sneaks in there without me even knowing it. It's alright though, since the shade is gorgeous. If you don't own it, you should go buy it, right now! hurry! You are missing something in your life by not owning that shade!

So now that you all know about my love affair with Tart Deco, I guess I should get onto the point of my post! I recently decided to do a gradient of a mix and mash of colours. I had originally planned on a rainbow gradient, but as I got started, I kinda changed gears and ended up with something a bit different. It is "rainbow like" but it turned out to be more of a rainbow galaxy instead.

Now please be kind! I am still very new to nail art and gradients, and although this isn't perfect by any means. I think I did pretty good, and I really like how it turned out. Anyway, enough procrastinating, onto the images!!

Outdoor in the sun!

So there you have it!  Now, I know that it doesn't look very coral-ey. You are likely thinking.."You went on and on about Tart Deco, and it isn't even in there!"  I assure you,  it is! At the top of the nail. It just matched so well with the pink I used, that my camera refused to pick up any of the slight colour shift that is visible in person. 

I think that pretty much covers it for today, and I hope that the 2 people seeing this, like my attempt at "nailart".  I really hope some more people show up soon! **crosses fingers**  If no one does, at least I am archiving my nail polish addiction! :P Till next time kittens!

The polishes I used for this were:
                                                 OPI - Alpine Snow (Under the gradient)
                                                  Essie - Tart Deco
                                                  Essie- Play Date
                                                  Zoya - Micky 
                                                  OPI - Can't find my Czechbook
                                                  China Glaze - Fairy Dust


  1. The result is a beautiful gradient!

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  3. Love the idea and the execution on this!