Tuesday, November 5, 2013

OPI This Gown Needs a Crown, OPI Visions of Love and OPI I Snow You Love Me.

Hey Guys!!

 Happy November!! I know, I know! I am 5 days late on that one,  but things have been a bit hectic, so I am a  bit behind. Better late then never though right!?

 Today I have for you, a gorgeous, fall/holiday mani. I wore this a few days back, and I loved it. It was holiday-esque, without being too Christmas-ie (gotta love made up words!!)  Basically, it would work for the holidays, or on a nice cold fall/winter day too. Anyway, enough chit chat..onto some images!!

See what I mean about festive, but not overly festive!? I love that this is not only incredibly simple, but it has a bit of wow to it with the accent nail.  When I first started with this, I thought it would be a tad on the boring side, but by the time I finished, I was totally enamored with it. To get this look, I started with a dark, vampy red. I used Visions of Love by OPI. It is a truly understated gorgeous, delicious,  vampy red colour, from the OPI holiday collection.  The sparkle accent nail is This Gown Needs a Crown by OPI from the new Miss Universe 2013 Collection. Let me just say that sparkly awesome polish is A-MAZ-ING!! It is one of the neatest colours I have seen. It really does remind you of a flowing silver gown. It is not only sparkly and stunning. It is smooth to the touch too. This polish is meant to be worn without topcoat, however I wore this with topcoat, to really make it blinding, in it's sparkle, but it was incredibly sparkly before I added top coat, so it certainly isn't needed. I just like sparkles so much, I couldn't resist! Also, as an added bonus, removing it was a breeze. I honestly thought it would be a typical glitter nightmare to remove, but the glitter foil was no effort at all to get off. I would say if you like glitter and bling, you NEED to own this.  Then, to tie in the whole manicure I added I Snow You Love Me by OPI (shocking right!?)  onto all the red nails. I simply took a toothpick, and picked each glitter up off the polish brush, and placed one on each nail tip. 

I really love how this look turned out, and to make it more impressive, it took no time at all to do. It is perfect if you are in a hurry, and don't have a lot of nail time, which was the case for me, when I did this mani.

Alright, guys and gals..I think that pretty much covers it for today. I still have a few things to get done, and a headache that refuses to leave.../sigh :l  I really hope that you guys liked this look and I have some more nail stamping coming up in the next few days, so watch out for that post.

Till next time Kittens!

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